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Burden of fungal diseases in Belarus, Cameroon, Indonesia and Italy presented at ECCMID Vienna

April 25 2017

For the fourth year running, multiple country burdens of fungal diseases have been presented at ECCMID; 4 countries covering a population of 351 million people.  The remarkable findings were:

  • The annual incidence of candidaemia in Italy is 24/100,000 and was estimated at 5/100,000 for Belarus, Cameroon and Indonesia, in the absence of data.
  • Cryptococcal meningitis was estimated to be common in Cameroon at an incidence of 30/100,000 compared with only 0.81, 0.6 and 0.22/100,000 rates in Indonesia, Belarus and Italy, respectively.
  • The prevalence of chronic pulmonary aspergillosis was estimated to be very high in Belarus and Indonesia at 60 and 32/100,000, because of the high burden of TB in both countries, compared to 22 and 4.9 in Cameroon and Italy.
  • Tinea capitis was remarkably common in Cameroon (3,240/100,000 population) and Italy (1,003/100,000 children) – there are no data for Belarus and Indonesia.
  • Asthma and its complications ABPA and severe are thought to be especially common in Indonesia with an ABPA prevalence of 135/100,000 in Indonesia and also Italy 126/100,000 compared with Belarus and Cameroon (62 and 40/100,000).

These country estimates bring to 68 the number of countries with serious fungal disease burden estimates undertaken by LIFE collaborators, covering 80% of the world’s population. 

Estimation of the burden of serious mycoses in Camaroon

Re-estimation of serious mycoses burden in Indonesia

Estimated burden of fungal infections in Italy

Estimation of the burden of serious fungal diseases in Belarus