Awareness & Advocacy

Key messages for public

Links between:

  • 'bad asthma' and 'fungal allergy'
  • 'headache' and 'fungal meningitis' (of particular importance in Africa, South America and SE Asia),
  • 'hair loss in patches' and 'fungal disease of the scalp' [tinea capitis, especially common in black children]
  • 'eye infection' and 'fungi' (an important connection in agricultural workers and contact lens wearers).

Key messages for healthcare professionals

Links between:

  • Fungal allergy (sensitisation) in severe asthma is treatable with antifungals
  • Consider and test for fungal disease patients with antibiotic resistant infections early
  • Rapid diagnostic tests are now available for aspergillosis and cryptococcal meningitis
  • Upper lobe cavitation on chest Xray may be aspergillosis not TB and treatable with oral antifungals.
  • Ask a specialist early, some fungal infections are complex to diagnose and treat.

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