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LIFE aims to facilitate high quality patient care through education and support  of improved diagnosis.

LIFE is keen to support local training to develop expertise in laboratory and radiology diagnostics as well as clinical care.

The LIFE website provides summary information about the most common and important fungal diseases, the commonest ~30 fungi causing disease (or the >600 that have ben recorded as causing infection), summaries of diagnostic tests and their clinical performance and information about therapy. Links are provided to all known commercially available diagnostic tests. A link is also provided to known drug interactions with antifungals.

Important developments in public health relevant to fungal disease and major steps forward in therapy and diagnosis are posted as news items, every 1 to weeks. A free newsletter summarizing these advances and other items of interest is mailed to over 10,000 healthcare professionals quarterly.

Microscopy is fast and can make a diagnosis of fungal infection efficiently. Histopathology is a critical component of the diagnostic process for many serious and life-threatening fungal infections. Under the microscope, fungal structures are large and distinctive, so a precise diagnosis can often be made. LIFE has developed an online course for trainees in the laboratory to support improved skills across the world.

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