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Increasing resistance in Trichophyton interdigitale to terbinafine

November 20 2018

Researchers have found multiple strains of Trichophyton interdigitale that are terbinafine resistant. Researchers analysed 64 strains from patients and 61% had elevated minimum inhibitory concentrations to terbinafine.
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Burden of serious fungal diseases in Ghana, South Africa, Ethiopia and Taiwan presented at GCCMID

November 14 2018

Two studies reported at the Gulf Conference on Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease in Dubai show for the first time the extent of serious fungal infections in South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia and Taiwan.
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7% of paediatric kidney transplant recipients develop disseminated histoplasmosis in Tennessee

November 05 2018

A series of 6 cases of disseminated histoplasmosis among paediatric kidney transplant recipients has been published by Dr Ferguson-Paul and colleagues in Tennessee, an endemic region with a high incidence. Patients presenting with an unexplained fever and respiratory symptoms should be tested for histoplasmosis antigen and/or direct microscopy of BAL using GMS stain.
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Pathogenic fungi cultured from up to ~75% of hospital linen in U.S. transplant and cancer centres

October 23 2018

Contaminated hospital linen has been linked to several outbreaks of mucormycosis (caused by fungi including Mucor, Rhizopus, Lichtheimia) but its role in sporadic cases is less well defined, and the CDC does not currently recommend routine microbiologic testing of healthcare linens. Dr Sundermann and colleagues (USA) recently found that pathogenic fungi could be cultured from 5-75% of 'clean' linen, with the least hygienic site sampled frequently producing cultures positive for Mucorales (27%) and Aspergillus (60%).
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Invasive fusariosis in São Paulo (Brazil) haematology ward linked to isolates circulating in the air

October 17 2018

Fusarium is the leading cause of invasive fungal infections in Brazil but less is known about its epidemiology than other fungi such as Candida or Aspergillus. Dr Moretti and colleagues in Brazil used clonal origin analysis to show that some isolates cultured from patients matched isolates in the air of their hospital wards.
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