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Aspergillus meningitis outbreak in the USA related to corticosteroid injections in the back

October 09 2012

In a never before seen outbreak leading to the death of 8 people so far, a patient at a Tennessee ambulatory surgery center developed Aspergillus meningitis approximately 19 days following epidural steroid injection...
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Cryptococcal meningitis

September 24 2012

One of the highlights of the recent ICAAC meeting in San Francisco was extensive discussion of the new Lateral Flow Assay (LFA) for cryptococcal meningitis. Many speakers highlighted to simplicity and sensitivity of the LFA including Jeremy Day (Vietnam), David Boulware (Minnesota), Nelesh Govender (South Africa), Matt Binnicker (Mayo Clinic, Rochester) and David Denning (Manchester). A summary of all published data indicates a sensitivity in serum or plasma exceeding 99% and a specificity of ~100%. In many instances asymptomatic infection could be diagnosed and if treated, meningitis prevented.
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Histoplasmosis kills 16 year old

September 19 2012

A tragic death of a 16 year old athlete has been attributed to the fungal infection histoplasmosis.
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Gulu week 4

September 18 2012

Week 4 of the project and after a shaky start the start of the research seems to be nearer.
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Gulu week 2 and 3

September 17 2012

UHSM (University Hospital of South Manchester) has a unique partnership with a remote area of Uganda - finally recovering after years of civil war and what the United Nations described as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. A team of volunteers from UHSM’s Wythenshawe Hospital is currently helping to shape health services for the people of Gulu in the north of the country.
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