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Online drug interactions for patients on antifungal medicines – an electronic resource

May 09 2014

Online drug interactions for patients on antifungal medicines – an electronic resource for health practitioners is now available as an online resource and as an app for smartphone use.
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Mucormycosis Outbreak Associated With Hospital Linens

May 06 2014

An outbreak of mucormycosis over an 11 month period led to the deaths of 5 children in the New Orleans Children’s Hospital. According to a report just published in Paediatric Infectious Disease Journal. Environmental sampling from all areas and surfaces in the hospital was examined subsequently, but an initail failure to link the cases led to significant delays. Three of the cases had conditions which can result in immunosuppression, and were therfore susceptible to fungal infections like mucormycosis, while 2 had cardiac conditions with persistent acidosis. The cases occurred on several different wards throughout the hospital, and hospital linens were the only exposure identified as common to the patients. Rhizopus species were recovered from 26 (42%) of 62 environmental samples from clean linens and associated areas and from 1 (4%) of 25 samples from non linen-related items. All the patients here were infected with Rhizopus delemar, which was also isolated from cultures of clean linens and clean linen delivery bins from the off-site laundry facility.
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Toolkit to fight AIDS-related fungal infections proposed

April 14 2014

HIV/AIDS is a major underlying cause of invasive fungal infections (IFI) worldwide. Globally around 1 million people with AIDS die each year from an IFI, accounting for ~50% of all AIDS deaths. Most infections are the initial presentation of AIDS and death is frequent. Others acquire IFIs as a result of treatment for other AIDS-related diseases, such as after chemotherapy for Kaposi sarcoma. A recent joint review by the Imperial College Fungal Diseases Group, University of Cape Town Institute of Infectious Diseases and the University of Aberdeen Fungal Group describes a shift in AIDS-related fungal deaths from primarily Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) to cryptococcal meningitis (CM), which kills an estimated 625,000 people annually.(Brown et al AIDS-related mycoses, 2014). Together, CM and PCP infect 1.35 million people each year. In localised areas, disseminated histoplasmosis and penicilliosis are very frequent. These serious IFIs are in addition to an estimated 10 million cases of oral candidiasis and 2 million cases of oesophageal fungal infection annually.
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IV Posaconazole approved by the FDA

April 07 2014

First approved in 2006, posaconazole is the most broad spectrum antifungal available. Approval by the US Food and Drug Association of the intravenous formulation will allow many patients whose blood levels are low or predicted to be low with posaconazole solution, to be successfully treated. The new IV formulation [NOXAFIL® ( 18mg/ml)] is indicated in adults is indicated for prophylaxis against invasive Aspergillus and Candida infections in high-risk patients, such as hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients with GVHD, HIV patients or those with leukaemia.
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Global tuberculosis and aspergillosis — submission to UK All Party Parliamentary Group

March 21 2014

Do some of the millions of smear negative ‘TB’ patients actually have TB at all? Drs Page and Denning have submitted evidence submitted to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Tuberculosis (APPG-TB), UK addressing this uncertainty. Data from multiple sources suggests 15-20% of these patients may have chronic pulmonary aspergillosis (CPA).
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