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Itraconazole improves lung function and symptoms in treatment resistant asthma

June 02 2020

While itraconazole is not recommended in current clinical guidelines for severe asthma, evidence is building that some patients may benefit. A new study by Dr Mirsadraee and colleagues in Iran found that it improved asthma control in patients without fungal biomarkers.
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Fungal keratitis among children in North India

May 20 2020

Dr Manisha Singh and colleagues present a series of 104 cases of infectious keratitis in children (<16 years) attending an eye hospital in New Delhi (North India). Of 100 cases in which Gram and KOH smears were performed, microbes were identified in 76%: bacteria alone (40%); fungi only (25%); acanthamoeba only (3%); both bacteria and fungi (8%). The fungi most frequently identified by culture were Fusarium (14 cases), Aspergillus (9 cases) or unidentified dematiaceous (brown-pigmented) fungi (6 cases).
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Mycetoma prevalence estimates published for Senegal and Uganda

May 11 2020

Mycetoma is a neglected tropical disease affecting many people in equatorial regions, but are likely underreported in many areas due to lack of access to healthcare, in particular to mycology services. Two new papers map mycetoma cases down to the regional level for Uganda and Senegal.
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Voriconazole trough levels are higher in males and in older patients

May 05 2020

Voriconazole trough levels among Italian hospital patients were highly variable and were affected by age, sex and BMI. Around a third of males and nearly half of females had subtherapeutic levels (<1mcg/ml).
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How common is chronic pulmonary histoplasmosis?

April 27 2020

Chronic pulmonary histoplasmosis (CPH) has historically been mistaken for tuberculosis. No one knows the true prevalence of CPH, but it is likely be global and grossly under-diagnosed
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