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Histoplasmosis outbreak among Dominican Republic tunnel workers exposed to bat guano

February 05 2018

Summer 2015 saw the first reported outbreak of histoplasmosis in the Dominican Republic, among workers exposed to bat guano without respiratory protection. Clinicians' lack of familiarity with diagnosis and management unfortunately led to 3 deaths and 25 hospitalizations. A new analysis identifies improvements in tunnel working conditions and clinician expertise that could prevent future deaths.
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Aspirational targets for aspergillosis announced on World Aspergillosis Day

January 31 2018

To coincide with World Aspergillosis Day and AAA 2018, the National Aspergillosis Centre (Manchester, UK) has released five aspirational targets for aspergillosis: 1) 90% survival rate for invasive aspergillosis; 3) new antifungals for all forms of aspergillosis; gaps in knowledge to be filled; 4) validated diagnostics to be available in every country; 5) at least one vaccine approved or in trials.
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First case of pulmonary sporotrichosis caused by Sporothrix schenckii complex reported in Argentina

January 30 2018

Dr Florencia Rojas and colleagues describe the first Argentinian case of the rare pulmonary form of sporotrichosis, caused by Sporothrix schenckii complex, in a 65-year-old woman with a long history of smoking. After presenting with sepsis and multiorgan failure, she failed to respond to antibiotics. Diagnosis was delayed by around two weeks, but she responded well to amphotericin B followed by long-term itraconazole
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Histoplasmosis in Africa is under-recognized and under-reported

January 22 2018

A systematic review of the literature by Dr Rita Oladele et al from the University of Lagos highlights a worrying lack of diagnosis and reporting of histoplasmosis in African countries.
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Differential diagnosis for RA patients with respiratory symptoms should include PFIs

January 19 2018

The ISMIR Group has published a set of evidence-based recommendations on how to recognise and manage pulmonary fungal infections in RA patients experiencing respiratory symptoms. In particular, they describe which scenarios antifungal prophylaxis may be considered, and when DMARDs should be stopped and whether they can later be re-continued.
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