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How precise are country estimates of fungal disease burden? - An updated analysis

October 23 2017

Country estimates for the burden serious fungal diseases have been published by Leading International Fungal Education (LIFE) collaborators in 43 countries, and another 28 abstracts. But how accurate are these estimates? Dr Felix Bongomin and colleagues at The University of Manchester, UK have provided a summary and critique of published estimates from 43 countries.
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Premier cours en ligne de Microscopie Fongique

October 19 2017

L’université de Manchester a mis au point le premier cours en ligne, de Microscopie Fongique, pour aider à sauver des vies dans le monde entier.
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Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)-related Candida guilliermondii infections in Turkey

October 13 2017

Candida guilliermondii (AKA Meyerozyma guilliermondii; teleomorph Pichia guilliermondii) is an emerging opportunistic pathogen that causes candidemia with a high mortality rate. A team in Turkey collected 141 isolates of C. guilliermondii between 2006 and 2015, including several with resistance to azoles, which had most likely infected patients during manual preparation of total parenteral nutrition (TPN) solution.
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Burden of fungal diseases in Turkey, Norway, Malawi and Argentina presented at TIMM, Belgrade

October 08 2017

Estimates of the number of serious fungal infections in Turkey, (population 79.8M), Norway (5.2M), Malawi (17.7M), Argentina (43.6M) were presented today in Belgrade at the Trends in Medical Mycology (TIMM) meeting
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Epidemiological cut off values (ECVs) for species of Sporothrix - a step to defining resistance

September 26 2017

In a recent study by Ana Espinel-Ingroff et al, in vitro susceptibility testing by broth microdilution M38-A2 method for 875 strains of S. schenckii, S. brasiliensis, S. globosa and S.mexicana collected from 17 independent laboratories was done. The CLSI M38-A2 is a reference method for testing the susceptibility of filamentous fungi that cause invasive and cutaneous fungal infections to antifungal agents. The wild type susceptibility (MIC/MEC) distributions for 5 antifungals in clinical use were determined and the ECVs were obtained.
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