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CrAg webinar 8 月 6 日 - 隐球菌抗原

August 06 2020

Today (8 月 6 日) 北京时间 19:30
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Recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis rarely cured, but managed with long term fluconazole

August 03 2020

Dr Collins and colleagues followed 147 women taking weekly fluconazole and found that 73% continued taking it for more than 6 months. Resistance was found in 6.8% of strains.
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Calcofluor white microscopy for dermatophytes performs very well

July 28 2020

Calcofluor white (0.01%) is a fluorescent brightener that can improve the microscopic detection of dermatophytes in skin, hair and nail samples. Dr Motamedi and colleagues examined 307 clinical samples (mostly skin) and found calcofluor gave a sensitivity and specificity of 99%.
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GAFFI calls together experts in Lima for new thinking on fungal disease management in Latin America

July 01 2020

Lancet Infectious Diseases has just published a meeting report covering a meeting in Lima organised by GAFFI, PAHO and the CDC, looking at how to improve diagnosis and treatment of fungal infections in Latin America
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网络研讨会  -  β-D-葡聚糖

June 30 2020

7 月 2 日 北京时间 19:30
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