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Novel immunohistochemistry technique for differentiating Aspergillus and Mucorales in FRS

March 19 2018

Most cases of fungal rhinosinusitis are caused by either Aspergillus spp. (treated with intravenous voriconazole) or members of the Mucorales such as Rhizopus (treated with amphotericin B), but current laboratory staining techniques cannot always distinguish reliably between these causative agents. A group from Beijing tested a novel immunohistochemistry technique using anti-IFN-γ antibody that stained 93% of Aspergillus but only 4% of Mucorales in FFPE clinical tissue samples.
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Flucytosine takes centre stage for cryptococcal meningitis in AIDS

March 15 2018

In a happy coincidence, March 15th marks 2 major steps forward in treating fungal meningitis in AIDS. The World Health Organization has accepted the pre-qualification of flucytosine application from Mylan. This means greatly accelerated approval of this life-saving drug in at least 32 countries, in a very short time frame.
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New protocol for treating invasive aspergillosis with voriconazole in liver failure patients

March 09 2018

Clinicians at a hospital in China have published a treatment protocol for voriconazole for patients with both invasive pulmonary aspergillosis and acute-on-chronic liver failure, which uses a loading dose of 0.2g every 12 hours and a maintenance dose of 0.1g every 12 hours.
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First RCT directly comparing itraconazole with prednisolone for acute ABPA

March 05 2018

Guidelines have traditionally recommended glucocorticoids for first-line treatment of ABPA, but an RCT conducted in India (N=131) suggests itraconazole could be a useful alternative to prednisolone, and has a lower burden of side effects. However, it is important to closely monitor patients treated with itraconazole as around 12% do not respond to this treatment.
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Final module of free online fungal microscopy course launched today

March 02 2018

The English-language version of the fourth module of the online fungal microscopy course ‘’ was released today. Organized in partnership between the Fungal Infection Trust and the University of Manchester, this is the only free university-accredited course available online on this subject.
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