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Project LIFE ‘Funky Fungi’ art competition launched

February 28 2012

LIFE recorded a global first by launching an art and music competition for teenagers related to fungi that cause human infections. The extraordinary shapes and colours of microscopic fungi (as opposed to toadstools) that cause serious infection in people were profiled today,  as resource materials online, for the competition. Videos of patients with allergic aspergillosis complicating asthma, thunderstorm asthma and cryptococcal meningitis in AIDS were also made available to the students. Nicola Horlick described the desperate situation with her daughter after her transplant, which lead to her death.

The competition is designed to raise the awareness about fungi among the general public, using remarkable images and vignettes of important fungal pathogens. Students have 10 weeks to create stunning pieces of art or music and upload them. These infections are barely mentioned in school and poorly taught in medical school, hence we need to educate young people.