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Join our free fungal diagnostics webinar on beta-D-glucan on weds 1st July 13:00-14:00 BST

June 30 2020

* * *   Please note that the event starts at 13:00 British Summer Time (BST = UTC+1 = GMT+1)   * * *

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  • Event number: 163 063 8009
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LIFE Worldwide and the Fungal Infection Trust have produced a series of free webinars about how to perform and interpret laboratory tests for serious fungal infections. Pre-register at to receive email updates, or visit this page on the day of the webinar to obtain the login details.

Beta-D-glucan is a cell wall component of many fungal pathogens including Candida, Aspergillus, Cryptococcus and Pneumocystis. Testing is useful in a hospital setting to help support or rule out invasive fungal infection.


- How the test works

- Video protocols for carrying out the different assays currently available from major, including any point-of-care (‘bedside’) tests

- How to interpret and report results, including any important caveats and potential sources of false results

- Performance (sn/sp/PPV/NPV) in different diseases and patient groups

- Illustrated with recent scientific research and medical images



- Medical laboratory staff wishing to improve or expand their testing capabilities for fungal infections, particularly point-of-care tests

- Specialist clinicians wishing to better understand how to select the appropriate test(s) for their clinical situation and interpret the results