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Global fungal infection priorities identified at ECCMID

March 31 2012

At the 10,000 strong annual meeting of the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases held in London, key research priorities related to fungal infections were described by Professor David Denning of the University of Manchester. These included:1) a much better understanding of the burden of fungal infections, globally and nationally and by fungal infection; 2) research into the impact of fungal infection, other than mortality, in particular chronic problems and quality of life and societal economic impact; 3) improvements in diagnostics (speed and sensitivity) and in understanding the optimisation of current culture-based diagnostics; 4) development of better risk assessments, possibly using genetic markers of risk; 5) prevention of infection in high risk patients with early intervention and or immunization; and 6) understanding antifungal resistance, especially azole resistance, as therapeutic success is greatly reduced by resistance.