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Art competition closes with 320 entries

April 29 2012

LIFE is delighted with the response to its art competition ‘Funky Fungi’, which attracted 320 entries from high school children in the northwest of England and north Wales. In February, the  head-teachers of 437 schools were mailed colourful postcards to distribute to children aged 13-18. These invited  the children to study the resource library on the Project LIFE website - which explains about fungal illnesses but also shows the beautiful structures that fungi have when seen under a microscope. We asked the students to use their interpretation of fungi and express it in an art form - using any type of media. Entries to the competition were either based on the microscopy of fungi - or on their interpretation of the illnesses that fungi cause. Children from dozens of schools, supported by their art teachers, submitted entries online, which were then displayed on the website gallery.

The range of art styles used by the students was varied, with ceramics, fabrics, painting, drawing, collage and modeling all being adopted. Some school classes took a theme and several entries reflected variations on that theme. The majority of  entries were from 13-15 yr age group, with less from the 16-18 year olds.

The  judges (Bob Devereux, Lizzie Burns and Sally Nash) have shortlisted the entries prior to a public exhibition in the autumn and final selection of the winning three entries.