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Fungal infections are very common in HIV infected patients, with increasing frequency as their immunity (CD4 cell count) declines. The commonest infections are:

>> Oral candidiasis

>> Oesophageal candidiasis

>> Onychomycosis (a clue to the diagnosis of HIV infection)

>> Seborrheic dermatitis

>> Pneumocystis pneumonia

>> Cryptococcal meningitis (or bloodstream infection)

Less common infections (although in certain localities they may be very common) include:

>> Histoplasmosis - disseminated

>> Histoplasmosis - acute pulmonary

>> Histoplasmosis - chronic cavitary pulmonary

>> Penicillium marneffei infection

>> Severe tinea corporis or pedis infections

>> Invasive aspergillosis

In women with HIV infection or AIDS, Candida vaginitis occurs with the same frequency as in normal women.

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