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Loss of taste with terbinafine the most common side effect - FDA reports

March 23 2020

Wang & Lipman analysed 26 years' worth of adverse event reports made to the FDA for several antifungals, and found that taste disturbance was most common for terbinafine (12%).
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Sexual problems and recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis (rVVC)

March 11 2020

Recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis (rVVC) is an unpleasant condition surrounded by taboos. Two new studies (one in Iran, one in São Paulo/New York) found lower quality of life and higher rates of depression among sufferers
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Mucormycosis - 21 month, 12 centre prospective study in India finds 52% mortality

March 09 2020

A survey of 465 mucormycosis cases in India found a mortality rate of 52% over 90 days, and diabetes was the most important underlying condition in 74%
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Neglected diseases, market failures, public health failures

February 26 2020

Fungal disease are often neglected, despite causing significant morbidity and mortality. A new review by Marcio Rodrigues and Joshua Nosanchuk highlights areas for improvement including availability and affordability of antifungals, improved diagnostics and better engagement by public health organisations.
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World’s first lateral flow assay for Histoplasma antigen launched

January 27 2020

The first LFA assay has been released by MiraVista with an excellent performance in serum samples from culture-positive cases of disseminated histoplasmosis in AIDS. Additional data on urine samples is required.
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