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Over 300 million people are acutely or chronically infected by fungi, leading to death, long term illness, blindness, psychological problems and reduced work capacity. Many recent improvements in diagnostics and treatment have not reached treating clinicians in all countries, and access to appropriate diagnostics and simple antifungal agents is far from universal. This needs to change.

LIFE aims to provide the latest information on the most common human pathological fungi, the diseases they cause and their diagnostics and treatment. LIFE is led by Professor David Denning who has been caring for patients with fungal infection for 30 years.

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Novel immunohistochemistry technique for differentiating Aspergillus and Mucorales in FRS

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Flucytosine takes centre stage for cryptococcal meningitis in AIDS

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New protocol for treating invasive aspergillosis with voriconazole in liver failure patients

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First RCT directly comparing itraconazole with prednisolone for acute ABPA

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Providing medical professionals with the knowledge they need to recognise and treat fungal infections. LIFE believes knowledge about fungal infections, available diagnosis and treatments are key to improving patient outcomes.

This site provides you with current knowledge about fungal infections, fungi, diagnosis and treatment.

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